Green Zebra tomato: how to grow a green tomato variety


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When does the ‘Green Zebra’ tomato ripen? What should you pay attention to when growing, cultivating, and harvesting this fruit? Here is everything you need to know about this wonderful variety of green tomato.

Three ripe Green Zebra tomatoes hang on a vine
The ‘Green Zebra’ is a green and yellow striped salad tomato, whose seeds can be harvested and used for further cultivation [Photo: Vadym Zaitsev/]

‘Green Zebra’ tomato: profile

FruitSalad tomato; striped green and yellow
FlavourFruity; refreshing acidic twist
Ripening timeMidseason
GrowthIndeterminate, up to 2m in height
LocationGreenhouse; outside under protection

Origin and history of the ‘Green Zebra’ tomato

The ‘Green Zebra’ heirloom tomato was created in the United States by Tom Wagner, and first introduced to the UK in 1983. This green tomato has since found its way into many people’s hearts and gardens. However, it is by no means the first cultivated green tomato. In South America, green tomatoes have been cultivated for thousands of years.

Taste and characteristics

The ‘Green Zebra’ is a robust species that bears medium-sized, round fruits from mid-July on. With light green stripes that turn golden as they ripen, the ‘Green Zebra’ boasts a unique, aromatic flavour that is sweet and fruity. And, as is typical for green tomato varieties, it tastes refreshingly acidic.

What is more, the ‘Green Zebra’ is an heirloom variety, so it can be grown from its own seeds. If you would like to cultivate your own tomatoes, be sure you know how to save tomato seeds.

A bunch of ripe Green Zebra tomatoes displays green and yellow stripes.
Once ripe, ‘Green Zebra’ will develop golden stripes and soften [Photo: Iva Vagnerova/]

‘Green Zebra’ tomato: cultivation and care

Whether you’re growing your ‘Green Zebra’ in a greenhouse or outside, this variety will produce plenty of fruit. However, it is always a good idea to use special tomato soil. Our Plantura Organic Tomato & Vegetable Compost is a great choice! It will provide the ideal conditions for your plants to grow: a perfect pH and essential nutrients.

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‘Green Zebra’ tomato plants are very hardy. They are low-maintenance but have a high yield. So it will come as no surprise they are a hobby gardener’s favourite! However, there are a few things to bear in mind. Firstly, this variety, which can reach a height of over two metres, will require a stake or some other support while growing.

Further, ‘Green Zebra’ tomatoes grow best with only two shoots per plant. To cultivate two fruit-bearing shoots, you will need to identify a particularly strong side shoot. Once you have, leave it intact, and remove all other shoots. Side shoots will continue to form on the plant’s main stem. With only two shoots, however, the plant will use its energy to produce fruit not stems.

If you are growing your tomatoes outdoors, be sure to protect them from the rain. Otherwise, your tomatoes might burst or suffer from diseases like fungal blight. And for fertiliser, it is best to use natural. Plantura Tomato Food is perfect. It provides your plant with all the nutrients they will need to produce beautiful, succulent fruit.

When is the ‘Green Zebra’ tomato ripe?

A ripe ‘Green Zebra’ is easy to identify: the tomato’s green stripes turn golden and the fruit becomes soft to the touch. If you see these signs, it’s time to set the table!

A halved Green Zebra tomato lies on a table.
Ripe ‘Green Zebra’ tomatoes are best eaten fresh [Photo: Picture Partners/]

Harvest and uses

The juicy and extremely aromatic ‘Green Zebra’ tomato is ideal straight off the vine. Green tomatoes are extremely versatile. They add a pop of colour to salads, are wonderful fried and work well in gazpacho.

Tip: Try making ketchup from ‘Green Zebra’ tomatoes! It is just as delicious as red ketchup, and it will be a fun surprise for your friends when they come over for dinner.

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