Low-maintenance indoor plants: our top 10 for apartment & house


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Lack a green thumb, but would love to have green roommates? Then these ten low-maintenance indoor plants are just what you need.

Indoor plants in pots
Some houseplants can manage without much care [Photo: maramorosz/ Shutterstock.com]

Houseplants make an apartment really cosy. But what if you are not blessed with a green thumb or simply cannot spare the time for intensive maintenance? Unfortunately, when neglected, many plants quickly hang their heads and turn the apartment not into a green oasis, but into a tragedy. Therefore, many prefer to do without plants in the apartment – but this does not have to be: In this article you will find ten plants that thrive without much care.

You want a green apartment, but do not feel like or Time to take care of your plants frequently? Then you should take a look at our top take a closer look at ten of the most low-maintenance houseplants.

1. Ponytail palm

With its somewhat unusual appearance, the ponytail palm (Beaucarnea recurvata) – also known as elephant’s foot – is one of the most popular houseplants in our four walls. Its bulbous, thick trunk and the crown of leaves growing from the top really make the plant a unique eye-catcher, which is also very decorative. And its easy-care nature is also convincing: the elephant foot is robust, forgives many a care error and really only needs a bright location to feel at home. Everything else about ponytail palm care you will learn in our dedicated article.

Potted elephant's foot
The elephant’s foot captivates with its unique shape [Photo: SzB/ Shutterstock.com]

2. Snake plant

For a long time, the snake plant (Sansevieria) was considered old-fashioned, but today the succulent can be found more and more often even in modern homes. With its long, upright-growing leaves, snake plant is a real eye-catcher that fits perfectly into modern architecture and at the same time even belongs to the air-purifying plants. At the same time, it is an exceedingly low-maintenance houseplant: in a bright, warm room, snake plant needs almost no attention.

Green snake plant
Bow hemp can be called anything other than stale [Photo: Aquarius Studio/ Shutterstock.com]

3. Indoor azaleas

Enchanting flowers from September to April and without much effort promises the azalea (Rhododendron simsii): its impressive flowers in bright colours bloom only when most plants have already faded and thus provide a first-class eye-catcher. Especially the contrast between the dark foliage and the bright colours gives the room azalea its impressive charm. Fortunately, the azaleas do not need much care: as a relative of the rhododendron, one should only pay attention to an acidic planting substrate and lime-free watering water.

Pink flowering alpine rose
The indoor azalea gifts us with colourful blossoms during the wintertime [Photo: Pixel-Shot/ Shutterstock.com]

4. Yucca

A true classic among houseplants is and remains the yucca palm (Yucca elephantipes). Especially its robust, easy-care nature makes the yucca so popular. It requires little water or fertiliser and is forgiving even if neglected once. Likewise, the palm-like shape with the slender trunk and dark green leaf scapes contributes to the popularity of the plant – after all, it is wonderful as a decorative eye-catcher.

Yucca palm in a pot
The yucca palm is a real classic among houseplants [Photo: horiyan/ Shutterstock.com]

5. Christmas cactus

Although most associate the Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera x buckleyi) with the holidays at Grandma’s, this Christmas plant also makes a good roommate during the rest of the year. Unlike other cacti, it does not have sharp spines, but it is just as easy to care for as its relatives: apart from regular watering and a bright to semi-shaded location without direct sunlight, the houseplant does not really need any care. In addition, Christmas cactus gives us a gift in the cold season with great flowers that captivate in bright colours. More info about optimal location for Christmas cactus can be found here.

Green christmas cactus
The Christmas cactus is a great houseplant, even after the holidays [Photo: Bozhena Melnyk/ Shutterstock.com]

6. Jade plant

The jade plant (Crassula ovata) is a decorative houseplant for sure. With its thick-fleshed, red-edged leaves, this succulent is a great foliage ornamental that adds charm to almost any home. Especially as a gift, the plant is very popular, it stands (in keeping with its other names “lucky plant” and “money plant”) for a happy life without money worries. But also its robust and particularly low-maintenance nature provide for the great popularity of the jade plant – with a little care, the hardly to kill plant often survives several generations.

Green leaves of money plant
The money tree can outlive several generations, even with little care [Photo: Andrey_Nikitin/ Shutterstock.com]

7. Anthurium

Looking for a colourful tropical beauty without any airs and graces? Then the anthurium (Anthurium andreanum) is just the thing for you: with its bright red bracts, the houseplant is an impressive eye-catcher. The actual flowers show up in inconspicuous yellow pistils, but these only add to the beauty of the anthurium. Nevertheless, the plant does not require much care: a location above 20 °C and without direct sunlight is often enough.

Pink flamingo flower
Due to its red bracts, the flamingo flower is an exotic eye-catcher [Photo: Vadym Zaitsev/ Shutterstock.com]

8. Monstera

Who cut the poor plant broken? You might actually ask yourself this question when you first see Monstera deliciosa. But do not worry – the decorative leaf incisions are not made with scissors, but quite naturally. These unique leaves are also exactly why the houseplant is so popular. In addition, monsteras are also exceptionally easy to care for and only require regular watering and a larger pot every few years.

Green monstera plant
The large cuts in the leaf make the window leaf very decorative [Photo: mykeyruna/ Shutterstock.com]

9. ZZ plant

There is hardly any plant that is as easy to care for, but at the same time as decorative as the zz plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia). Extremely frugal and hardy, this houseplant can withstand rough neglect without showing signs of weakness and is even suitable for shade. Even irregular casting is not a problem for the plant. Nevertheless, the plant is a real feast for the eyes – with its dark green, leathery leaves, it is one of the most beautiful foliage ornamental plants available for the home.

Greenish ZZ plant
Decorative and easy to care for – the lucky feather is the perfect houseplant [Photo: New Africa/ Shutterstock.com]

10. Echeveria

Not a single plant, but a whole genus hides behind the name Echeveria. The individual varieties can differ significantly from each other in appearance, growth and colour: Whether in green, red, or even purple, with fluffy or smooth surface, large or small, the imagination knows no bounds. However, all echeverias have one thing in common – they are amont the most low-maintenance indoor plants there are.

Echeveria plant in a pot
All echeverias have one thing in common: they are extremely easy to care for [Photo: panattar/ Shutterstock.com]

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