Yellow Submarine tomato: cultivation & care


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The ‘Yellow Submarine’ tomato variety bears unique pear-shaped, bright yellow tomatoes. Below is our guide to this cocktail tomato with tips on growing and how to enjoy the fruits.

Pear-shaped yellow submarine tomatoes on plant
‘Yellow Submarine’ tomatoes are a unique looking variety [Photo: OnlyZoia/]

With its bright yellow pear-shaped fruits, the tomato ‘Yellow Submarine’ is one of the more unusual and eye-catching tomato varieties. In this guide you will learn everything you need to know about this yellow cocktail tomato variety.

‘Yellow Submarine’ tomato: profile

FruitCocktail tomato; bright yellow
FlavourMild, sweet, hardly acidic
Ripening timeEarly
GrowthIndeterminate, up to 2m in height
LocationIn containers, greenhouses, outdoors with good protection

Origin and history

The exact origin of the ‘Yellow Submarine’ is unknown, but it has been approved for professional cultivation since 2012. The name ‘Yellow Submarine’ clearly alludes to the elongated shape and bright yellow colour of this variety’s fruits.

‘Yellow Submarine’ tomato: flavour and characteristics

‘Yellow Submarine’ tomato plants are indeterminate and can reach a height of two metres. They are a potato leaf tomato variety that has strikingly potato-like leaves, clearly distinguishing them from other varieties. ‘Yellow Submarine’ tomatoes grow on long trusses and are shaped like pears or teardrops. The fruits are cocktail tomatoes, only growing to about 3cm long and reaching a weight of about 15 to 20 grams.

The ‘Yellow Submarine’ variety ripens early, so you can begin to harvest its first tomatoes from the end of June to mid-July. The fruits are similar in size and appearance to the ‘Peardrops’ or ‘Yellow Pear’ tomato varieties. Though these tomatoes taste fruitier, milder and sweeter with barely any acidity in comparison to the other two varieties. ‘Yellow Submarine’ is an heirloom variety, meaning that you can collect and save tomato seeds to grow the plants again the following season.

Sun-dried yellow submarine tomatoes
‘Yellow Submarine’ tomatoes are perfect for sun-drying [Photo: Fernando Garcia Esteban/]

Cultivating and caring for ‘Yellow Submarine’ tomatoes

‘Yellow Submarine’ tomatoes can be cultivated in greenhouses, protected outdoor areas or in containers. Only from mid-May onwards, after the threat of frost has passed, can the cold-sensitive ‘Yellow Submarine’ tomato plant be planted outside. In cooler climates, harden off your tomato plants before transplanting outside. For hardening off, simply move the plants outdoors for an increasingly longer period of time over the course of ten to fourteen days, planting them out to their final position on the last day. To transplant a tomato, dig a deep hole in the bed or greenhouse or fill a pot of at least 10 litres with a high-quality potting soil like our Plantura Organic Tomato & Vegetable Compost. This peat-free soil is specially adapted to the needs of the sun-loving tomatoes and contains all the essential nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium and magnesium to supply the tomato plant in the first weeks after planting.

Plantura Organic Vegetable Compost
Plantura Organic Vegetable Compost

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Place the young plant to a third or halfway deep in the soil and remove all the leaves that would now be underground. This way, lots of fine roots will form along the stem, allowing the plant to absorb water and nutrients quickly and efficiently. Fill the planting hole or pot with soil, press down around the plant and then water well. Provide a support after planting to prevent the plant from falling over.

Give your tomatoes their first application of fertiliser around June, when they begin to flower. A liquid fertiliser, such as our Plantura Liquid Tomato Food, is easy to apply once a week when watering.

Plantura Liquid Tomato Food
Plantura Liquid Tomato Food

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Like all cocktail tomatoes, ‘Yellow Submarine’ plants should be grown with three or four shoots. When removing side shoots, leave the lowest ones on the main shoot and remove those above them. With this method, the tomato plant will grow bushier and bear plenty of flowers and fruit on its side shoots. Alternatively, Yellow Submarine tomato plants can also be cultivated without pruning.

Tip: A mulch layer of plant material, such as lawn clippings, protects the soil from drying out and at the same time provides food for soil organisms.

Harvesting and using ‘Yellow Submarine’ tomatoes

You can harvest ‘Yellow Submarine’ tomatoes from July onwards. Their unique shape and sweet taste make it a delicious snack tomato for young and old. As an indeterminate variety, these plants will continue to provide a rich harvest until late autumn. The small ‘Yellow Submarine’ cocktail tomatoes are perfect for drying. To dry ‘Yellow Submarine’ tomatoes, cut them in half and gently dry them in a dehydrator or oven at a low heat and then store them in a dry place. Take a look at our article on preserving tomatoes for more tips and detailed instructions.

The less acidic yellow tomato varieties are perfect for people with sensitive palates.

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