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The green tomato variety ‘Green Grape’ is known for its little, deliciously sweet fruits. Here is everything you need to consider when planting and caring for this unique cherry tomato.

Ripe green grape tomatoes
Ripe ‘Green Grape’ tomatoes are amber in colour [Photo: Huy Thoai/]

‘Green Grape’ is one of the few cherry tomatoes that remains green when ripe and has been slowly but surely winning over tomato lovers with its unique appearance and delicious taste over the last few years. In this article you can find out all there is to know about this green tomato variety and get tips on how to best cultivate it.

‘Green Grape’: profile

Other names 'Raisin Vert'
Fruit Cherry tomato; green to amber
Flavour Fruity and sweet
Ripening time Medium-early
Growth Indeterminate, up to 160cm in height
Location Greenhouse, outdoors, in containers

‘Green Grape’ tomato origin and history

The ‘Green Grape’ tomato was first cultivated in Washington State by Tom Wagner, who is also responsible for the beloved ‘Green Zebra’ tomato variety among several other green tomatoes. The ‘Green Grape’ cherry tomato, also referred to as the ‘Raisin Vert’, first came onto the market as early as 1978. It is the result of crossing several varieties, including the green beefsteak tomato ‘Evergreen’.

‘Green Grape’ tomato taste and other characteristics

‘Green Grape’ tomato plants grow up to about 160 centimetres high. Their small, round fruits hang on long vines and develop a golden yellow coating once ripe. These bite-sized tomatoes only reach an average weight of 30 grams and are ready for harvesting around the end of July, making it one of the medium-early varieties. ‘Green Grape’ cherry tomatoes are tremendously fruity and sweet, without any real acidity. ‘Green Grape’ tomato plants are indeterminate, so can be harvested up until the end of the season, usually coinciding with the first frost. As it is an open-pollinated, heirloom variety, you can harvest the ‘Green Grape’ tomato seeds and sow them to grow the plants again next season.

'Green Grape' tomatoes
‘Green Grape’ tomatoes weigh up to 30 grams [Photo: Yakimova Elena/]

Growing and cultivating ‘Green Grape’ tomato plants

‘Green Grape’ tomatoes are a very hardy variety that fruits reliably even in cooler temperatures. It is not particularly demanding and can be cultivated in a greenhouse, veg patch or even as a potted balcony tomato. Like all tomatoes, ‘Green Grape’ prefers a warm and sunny spot with minimal exposure to rain. From mid-May onwards, plant your young ‘Green Grape’ tomato plants outdoors. Although it is more burst-resistant than the similar variety ‘Green Doctors’, it stays healthier for longer with shelter from the rain. For pot planting, fill a sufficiently large planter with tomato soil, like our Plantura Organic Tomato & Vegetable Compost. Plant your ‘Green Grape’ plants deep in the soil, removing the plant’s lowest leaves below the soil surface. After planting, lightly press the soil around the tomato and water thoroughly.

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As with most other cherry tomato varieties, ‘Green Grape’ tomato plants bear an abundance of fruits on their side shoots. So, grow your ‘Green Grape’ tomato plants with around three to five side shoots. This will allow it to grow wide rather than tall and help to ensure an abundant harvest! All other remaining side shoots do however need to be pricked out regularly. ‘Green Grape’ plants always need some form of support; wooden or metal sticks are suitable, but twine will also do the trick. From mid-June onwards, fertilise the plants regularly, as tomatoes are nutrient-hungry vegetables. The plant’s many emerald-green fruits need all kinds of minerals and nutrients. Apply a liquid fertiliser, like our Plantura Liquid Tomato Food, once a week when watering to ensure healthy growth and a plentiful harvest.

Harvesting and using ‘Green Grape’ tomatoes

You can tell when ‘Green Grape’ tomatoes are ripe by their ochre-yellow coating. Their flesh will also turn soft to the touch. ‘Green Grape’ cherry tomatoes are very sweet and best eaten fresh from the vine. That being said, cherry tomatoes cut in half are great for drying.

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