Berner Rose tomato: cultivation & plant care


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The ‘Berner Rose’ tomato variety is a classic beefsteak tomato. In this article we tell you the best way to plant, care for and harvest ‘Berner Rose’ tomatoes.

Large pairs of berner rose tomatoes on plant
The ‘Berner Rose’ is an aromatic, pink beefsteak variety [Photo: AmiSaFer/]

The ‘Berner Rose’ tomato is a classic among heirloom varieties, especially because of its excellent taste and beautiful pink fruits. Here you can find out everything about this tomato lover’s variety in detail.

‘Berner Rose’ tomato: profile

Other names'Rose de Berne'
FruitBeefsteak tomato, deep red in colour
FlavourSweet, tangy, slightly acidic
Ripening timeMid-late
GrowthIndeterminate, up to 2m in height
LocationGreenhouse, outdoors under protection and in containers

Origin and history of the ‘Berner Rose’ tomato

As the name suggests, the ‘Berner Rose’ variety comes from Swiss city Bern and is also known as ‘Rose de Berne’. It is a heritage heirloom variety which still enjoys immense popularity today.

Taste and characteristics

The ‘Berner Rose’ is a pink, highly aromatic beefsteak tomato. Its thin-skinned, soft fruits measure about five to seven centimetres in diameter and reach a weight of about 200 grams. Their taste is sweet, but also tangy with a pleasant acidity. The fruits come in a variety of shapes: round, slightly flattened or even slightly ribbed. ‘Berner Rose’ tomatoes ripen from the beginning of August and though they do not produce many fruits, those that do develop pack a truly delicious flavour. The ‘Berner Rose’ tomato is an heirloom variety from which you can save tomato seeds for growing new plants in the following season.

Bernard rose tomatoes cut open
Soft, juicy fruits ripen on the ‘Berner Rose’ from the beginning of August [Photo: GB-Photographie/]

Growing ‘Berner Rose’ tomatoes in greenhouses and outdoors

‘Berner Rose’ tomato plants prefer to be grown in a greenhouse, but also do very well in the slightly cooler conditions outdoors. The ‘Berner Rose’ tomato plant is fairly sensitive, especially to rain. If the water supply is irregular, ‘Berner Rose’ fruits tend to burst or suffer from blossom end rot. So, when growing outdoors, place your plants under some form of rain protection, or in a pot next to a sheltered, warm house wall. Transplant your ‘Berner Rose’ tomatoes outdoors for the first time around mid-May once the threat of frost has passed. Use a specially adapted tomato soil such as our Plantura Organic Tomato & Vegetable Compost, to help your plant to root and to encourage abundant flowering.

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Caring for ‘Berner Rose’ tomato plants

Although the ‘Berner Rose’ can be tricky to care for, its delicious flavour is worth the extra effort. ‘Berner Rose’ tomato plants should be grown with two or three shoots, and all other remaining side shoots removed. Like all beefsteak tomatoes, the ‘Berner Rose’ also needs some kind of stick or cane for support. Once the plant has begun flowering, make sure to give the plant a regular supply of nutrients. Applying a liquid fertiliser like our Plantura Liquid Tomato Food when watering is an easy and effective way to nourish your tomatoes.

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Plantura Liquid Tomato Food

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Tip: Alongside rain protection, you can prevent your ‘Berner Rose’ tomatoes from bursting with regular, balanced watering and mulching.

Harvest and uses

Like most beefsteak tomatoes, the soft flesh of ‘Berner Rose’ tomatoes is perfect for soups and sauces. But the variety’s unique, highly aromatic taste is also perfect for snacks and in salads. For a special treat, why not try making stuffed ‘Berner Rose’ tomatoes served hot from the grill or the oven.

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