Types of radishes: red, yellow & white radish varieties


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From the traditional heritage varieties to the new, there are so many types of radishes to choose from! Find out about the best and most robust varieties to plant at home.

Colourful bunch of radishes
In addition to the classic red varieties, there are also radish varieties with purple, white, yellow and elongated root tubers [Photo: epixproductions/ Shutterstock.com]

Radishes (Raphanus sativus var. sativus) are traditionally divided into varieties that crop in spring, autumn, and summer according to their ideal growing conditions – the varieties are adapted to the typical seasonal light and temperature. These crunchy root vegetables come in all sorts of different shapes and colours: from round to oblong to conical and white, yellow, red, purple, or multi-coloured. The different types of radishes also differ in taste and spiciness.

Below we have compiled a list of a few popular, tried and tested radish varieties that grow well in the British climate. The abbreviations “Su” for summer radish, “Sp” for spring radish and “A” for autumn radish are there to indicate the seasons in which each variety is best grown.

Red radish varieties

Parat′: Sp, Su; typical round, crimson coloured radish; very robust and highly resistant to fungal diseases.

Giant Butter′: Sp, Su; classic bright red, round, and large root variety.

Sora′: Sp, Su, A; classic radish variety with bright red, round roots; intense spicy flavour. 

Stoplite′: Sp, Su; lush, scarlet red radishes; good aroma and tender texture.

Rudi′: Sp, Su, A; robust variety; burst-resistant; round red radish with good flavour.

Viola′: Sp, Su, A; particularly striking, round purple roots; mildly spicy and juicy.

Bunch of red radishes
Radishes come in a large variety of shapes and sizes [Photo: topotishka/ Shutterstock.com]

White radish varieties

Albena′: Sp, A; striking appearance; round snow-white roots; excellent flavour.

Icicle radish′: Sp, Su, A; classic variety; long white radish; pleasantly sharp.

Tondo Bianco′: Sp, Su, A; Italian variety; pure white, round roots.

Yellow radish varieties

Zlata yellow′: Sp, Su, A; visually striking variety; bright yellow; spicy flavour and crunchy texture; bolt-resistant.

Colourful radish varieties

Flamboyant 2′: Su; heritage and decorative variety; elongated cylindrical roots; scarlet with white tip.

French Breakfast 2′: Su; visually very appealing variety, elongated cylindrical radishes; red with white tip; fast-growing heritage variety; mild, aromatic flavour.

Poloneza′: Sp; fast-growing variety; round red roots with white splash at end; beautiful appearance and good taste.

Half-red half-white′: Sp, Su, A; decorative variety; top red, bottom white.

A bunch of red radishes with white tips
Bicoloured varieties such as ′Flamboyant 2′ and ′French Breakfast 2′ are particularly stunning because of their red to white colour gradient [Photo: Iaroshenko Maryna/ Shutterstock.com]

Fast maturing radish varieties for greenhouse cultivation

In addition to the varieties mentioned above, there are also fast maturing radish varieties which are perfect for growing in greenhouses. By cultivating them in a greenhouse, the growing season can be extended. This means that the first radishes can be grown in early spring and the last in late autumn. Due to their fast growth, these radish varieties are also perfect for growing in pots on the balcony or terrace when space is limited. Fast maturing radishes can be harvested after just a few weeks, freeing up space to grow more radishes or other vegetables such as peas, lettuce, or spinach.

Bunch of red and white radishes
Fast-growing radishes also come in a range of colours and shapes [Photo: fotoknips/ Shutterstock.com]

Fast maturing red radish varieties

Burro Gigante′: Italian, early-maturing variety; large bright red, round radishes with crisp white flesh and an excellent flavour.

′Celesta (F1)′: Su; commercial variety; fast maturing and bolt-resistant; high yield and uniform red roots.

Cherry Belle radish′: Sp, A; popular, fast maturing variety; thin, red skin; pleasant mild flavour.

Saxa 2′: very early radish variety; extremely tender; mild flavour.

Saxa 3′: early maturing and fast growing variety; round scarlet roots.

Lucia′: Sp, A; classic round red variety; resistant to downy mildew; aromatic and crunchy roots.

Topsi′: very fast maturing and proven radish variety with round, red roots.

Vienna (F1)′: Sp, Su, A; modern hybrid; resistant to powdery mildew; aromatic, round, scarlet roots; remains tender for a particularly long time.

Radishes growing in pots
Fast maturing varieties are particularly suitable for growing on the balcony [Photo: cha_cha/ Shutterstock.com]

Fast maturing white radish varieties

Icicle radish′: Sp, Su, A; tried and tested; striking appearance; snow-white elongated, slender roots; crisps white flesh and fresh flavour.

Fast growing colourful radish varieties

French Breakfast 3′: Bicoloured, red-white, elongated radishes. This variety is vigorous and aromatic, has been cultivated for a long time and comes highly recommended.

Poloneza′: round red roots with white ends; looks beautiful; tastes great and grows fast.

To find out more about growing radishes at home, read our article on planting radishes.

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