Propagating jade plants: tips for propagation by cuttings


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If you want to increase your “wealth”, you can multiply your money plant in a simple way. Let us show you how to propagate jade plants by cuttings.

several potted money plants
Propagating jade plants is very simple [Photo: Andrey_Nikitin/]

If you do not want to settle for just one jade plant (Crassula ovata), also known as money plant, we have good news for you. Multiplying this decorative and easy to care for plant is quite simple. There are two simple and promising methods for propagating jade plants. In our article, you will learn what to pay attention to when propagating your money plant and how to proceed when propagating by leaf cuttings or shoot cuttings.

Oh, if only real money could be multiplied as easily as the money plant. Since it is so simple and easy to do. The jade plant is considered a symbol of prosperity and happiness, so at least you can increase this, even if its not so easy with real money. The jade plant can be propagated by two different types of cuttings: leaf cuttings or shoot cuttings. Both methods are straightforward. Propagation via shoot cuttings is easier and more promising. It is also the faster method.

Propagating money plants: best time and requirements

The most important thing for successful propagation is the timing. The young plantlets need a lot of light and warmth to thrive. Therefore, we recommend that you propagate in the spring. This is when growing conditions are optimal for the development of saplings. But the right substrate also has a great impact on the success of propagation. Here you should mix special growing supplies. Take cactus soil and mix in about 10% mineral content, for example fine gravel or expanded clay – ground as finely as possible. This helps the substrate to become permeable and provides the best conditions for strong root development of the cuttings.

Another important condition for the propagation to succeed is using the right tools. In any case, these should always be clean and sharp. If the knife is as sterile as possible, you’ll avoid allowing germs to enter the cut and infect the young cutting. The most suitable knife for this purpose is a sharp one that has been previously disinfected with high-proof alcohol.

repotting jade plant
Cactus soil mixed with mineral material is a suitable substrate for the cuttings [Photo: Gheorghe Mindru/]

Summary: best time and requirements for propagation

  • Ideal time: spring
  • Warm and bright conditions
  • Mix substrate: Cactus soil with 10% organic material
  • Use sharp and clean tools

Propagating a money plant from leaf cuttings

The idea behind propagation via leaf cuttings is very simple: a leaf is cut off from the plant and grows anew in the substrate. As with many succulents, the jade plant is wonderfully suited to this propagation technique. Pick the healthiest leaves on your money plant for propagation. Cut them directly from the shoot of the plant. After cutting, allow the cuts on the leaves to dry for a few days. Then put the individual leaves in pots with the previously mixed substrate.

Then place the pots in a bright and warm environment, at an optimal temperature of 20 °C, and mist regularly. The substrate in the pots should always be moist, but not wet. After a few weeks, new roots will form on the leaf cuttings. However, a rooted leaf is not yet an independent young plant. Reproduction is only considered successful once new shoots have formed on the leaf. Although it only takes a few weeks for the first roots to form on the leaf, it can take much longer for the young plant to form new shoots.

money plant leaves
A single leaf from the plant is enough for propagation [Photo: Luoxi/]

Summary: Propagating jade plants from leaf cuttings

  • Select strong leaves
  • Cut the leaves with a clean, sharp knife
  • Leave the cut to dry a temperature of 20 °C
  • Put leaves in pots with substrate and keep moist
  • Give the cuttings plenty of light and a temperature of 20 °C
  • Moisten regularly

Propagating jade plants from shoot cuttings

The second way to multiply the money plant is by shoot cuttings – these can be taken from both the crown and the side shoots of the jade plant. In this case, whole shoots are cut, not just individual leaves. If your tree is due for pruning, for example to keep the tree in shape, you can simply use the resulting cuttings for propagation.

For this purpose, select strong, non-woody shoots. These should be about seven to ten centimetres long. Remove the lower leaves, leaving only the top two pairs of leaves. These cuttings should also be left to dry for two to three days.
Next, put the cuttings in pots with the prepared substrate and moisten them.

Tip: Do not just place one cutting in each pot, you can group them together. This method will give you bushy and full plants.

money plant seedling
For cuttings, leave only the top two pairs of leaves [Photo: Colleen Fenwick Dutcher/]

The saplings will now thrive in a bright and warm place. During this process, it is important to regularly provide sufficient moisture. With a spray bottle you can keep the substrate moist and also provide higher humidity. If you want to do something really good for the cuttings, put them in a self-made mini-greenhouse. This will provide the perfect growing conditions for the young plantlets. However it is important to also air it out regularly so that mould does not develop. Within a few weeks, the cuttings will form new roots and once they are well rooted, they can be repotted into a larger container.

Summary: Propagating a money plant from shoot cuttings

  • Select a healthy shoot
  • Take cuttings with 7 – 10 cm length
  • Leave only the top two pairs of leaves
  • Allow to dry for 2 – 3 days
  • Plant cuttings in pots with substrate and moisten well
  • Keep in a bright and warm place
  • A mini greenhouse provides the ideal conditions

To optimally supply the plant with nutrients throughout the year, either a dedicated succulent and cactus fertiliser or a fertiliser with long-term effect such as our Plantura All Purpose Plant Food is suitable. Slow-release fertilisers are ideal for the care of the jade plant and, because of the longer effect, need to be applied only once in the spring.

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Those who love their money plant should also take good care of it. In our dedicated article on jade plant care, you will learn everything you need to know about proper watering, pruning and feeding of your plant.

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